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FiΑ fashion, the brand with over 44 years of experience stands out for its success in the field of women’s clothing since 1975.

Our collections are produced exclusively in Greece and they are all consisted by handmade clothes, especially embroidery and digital prints, which are made of high quality fabrics, such as 100% cotton, eco-cotton, silk, viscose and decorating materials.

FiΑ fashion is widely known for its remarkable style, particularly in trendy lines and unique pieces in super youthful style and comfortable design with uncompromising quality.

Our customers love the diversity and the distinctiveness of FiA fashion apparel and so we make sure our clothes to be available in a wide range of stores, across Greece, Cyprus and abroad, like Brussels, Italy, Johannesburg, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Albania.

In FiA fashion we are guided by our love for women’s fashion and we strive to create especially clothes that will give you interesting and remarkable looks.